Monday, April 8, 2013

Fresh Kitchen for Spring

We moved into our home 1 week before Hurricane Katrina. It is hard to believe that has been almost 8 years ago, since life has seemed to be a whirlwind (no pun intended).  Both of our kids married; one only days after the storm.  And that one just made us grandparents.  We have been trying to learn how to live a somewhat different life with no kids at home. We do have two little dogs, lots of chickens, two outdoor cats, gardens, hobbies, and that does not even include the most important things such as our spiritual life and it's activities, family, and friends.  Busy, busy, to say the least!  Lately, we have taken a dual breath, and have started to look around our home and realize that some of the finishes are now needing some attention after 8 years. So this spring we decided to refresh the kitchen/dining area. We decided to repaint the trim and add a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

 At first, we were just going to paint everything the same color as before. We really have enjoyed the warm, buttery yellow walls.  But then at the last minute, we decided to try a different color. You know, live a little.  Nowadays, many of the decorating pictures that you may see feature photos of rooms that are mostly white or monochromatic in nature. Yes, they are beautiful and interesting to look at. But Mamie and Poppy love the warmth of color, wood and textures, akin to cuddling under a cozy, vintage patchwork quilt. To us it is inviting and warm to be surrounded by those things. Mamie says she likes leather and lace; elegance and age. Anyway, we will show you some before and after shots of what we decided to do in our kitchen.
Here are some before shots...

Nothing wrong with the color; we have really enjoyed the warmth that the yellow walls have provided.  But it was getting dingy and needed a face lift; we decided to kick up our heels and try something all together different... 

 Here are some pictures of the kitchen with the spring tweaks.

It is amazing how something like a change in paint color can make such a difference in the feel of a room.  This new hue has made the room feel just a bit more refined, yet has kept the rustic simplicity that allows our "old stuff" to still feel at home.  One day we will post about some of our favorite finds, such as the antique counter pie safe and the hanging scale, along with some tins and other "stuff" that remind us of places we have been and that still bring a smile to our faces.  Our kitchen truly is the heart of our home, where people and animals alike prefer to hang out with us.  One of our friends once commented that a lot of good dishes and a lot of love have come from this kitchen.  That truly makes our heart feel wonderful, and we look forward to many more opportunities to share our home and kitchen in the future.
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  1. Thank you, it is our favorite room in the house! So glad you visited us :)!

  2. WOW!! you have a stunning Kitchen in both before and after pics!! Beautiful pieces to that you have!