Friday, May 31, 2013

Ice Cream & Eggs

Nothing like a warm day and a fresh serving of homemade-ice cream.  As you can tell from the lack of posts we are just busy people.  That can be a good thing when it is with family.  We had our Niece visiting with hubby and daughter. Also our daughter with our beautiful grandson was here for two weeks.

We grilled some ribs along with some grilled string beans (Oh my, they were terrific!), and on the side, some cabbage salad. And for dessert, homemade ice cream, cuddled next to a slice of fresh coconut cake. 

This was a vanilla bean ice cream recipe modified from David Lebovitz. Here is the link

The ice cream was wonderful. This was one dessert that had no leftovers.
After dinner we went to the coop to get the eggs.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sign of Things to Enjoy

As spring rushes toward summer, it makes us excited of things to come.  We always look forward this time of year to see how the roses will we planted quite a few; but we have pretty much left each one to their own fate....
The first one pictured here has to be our favorite.  The aroma is wonderful and the color is beautiful...
Louise Clements

These are the buds that are a sign of things to come.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Working for our keep or theirs?

Spring in the south is hallmarked by the early warmth of the sun... there is a bright green that meets the eye, and with spring rains, blooms begin to burst open.  Everything seems to be at work- the birds are busy building nests and feeding their hatchlings. Bees are busy buzzing, collecting pollen in a frenzy, until their legs resemble fuzzy yellow go-go boots, zipping off to some unknown hive location to drop said boots off at the honey maker's.  As you look around, it seems everything and everyone is hard at work. 

Well almost everyone...

We do have a few here around Sweet Pickles Farm that make the rest of us work... for them.  But how can we resist when they are so cute? (Spoiled Brats! Just don't let them know we said that...)

After working hard in the yard, it is always a relief to take a break and sit on the front porch and sip on a glass of iced tea.  
Have a seat...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Cozy Welcome

 When our home was first built, we had in the back of our minds that we would sell it in the future.  We did not know our kids would both fly the coop quicker than we had anticipated, and after they left, we wondered if perhaps it was time to move on.  Long story short, the market was terrible, and after several offers collapsing at the last minute, Poppy and Mamie have decided to stay put for awhile and enjoy our house for ourselves; not worrying about putting nail holes in the walls or painting the colors we desire, not what is the color du jour.  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Joel's Italian Twin

Whoa!  It really has been so busy around here for may appear all leisurely and gentle and slow by our posts, but believe you us-it has been a twirl around this little piece of woods!

One thing we know is that it is good medicine for the soul to take time each day to let out the "steam" that has built up in the body from the stresses of everyday life.  Just an hour (at the least) of contemplation, meditation, and sometimes just plain old deviation from responsibilities can help recharge your batteries, allowing you to carry on with the tasks of life.

Mamie does not sleep well at night (hormoanies??) these days, and she needs a lot of "decompression" after a deep descent into the sea of life, lol.  Walks around our little farm, examining the flora and fauna, giving the pups scritches and cuddles, and cooking in the kitchen are a few of her stress relievers- (On the other hand, give her a phone and she will run screaming) also learning new techniques in the kitchen can be simultaneously relaxing and stimulating, or perhaps we should say, motivating, at the same time.

We have been watching a few clips of a delightful chef, Gennaro Contaldo.  He is from the Amalfi Coast of Italy, but has been in England for years.  Funny thing is, when Mamie watches him, he reminds her of her brother, Joel, albiet much older...but nonetheless, something about Gennaro captures Joel's enthusiasm and mannerisms.  Gennaro could be our uncle!  And what a love for food and natural ingredients!  His enthusiasm for life is so much like little brothers!  Mamie's family has French and Scottish blood, along with a few other mixes (Heinz 57?) but Joel could pass for Italian when looking at this man...just jump 20 years or so into the future.

Mamie is so proud of her little brother...he works so hard to provide for his family in this competitive world we have to contend with.  But he never gives up, and he is such a hard worker...

Hello, little brother!  Love you!  If you care to check out your Italian chef twin....

Oh, and Mamie and Poppy both could practice some major meditation if they could go to Italy-- any sponsors???

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If You Groom It, They Will Come

{A shot from our back porch taken during the storm before it got too bad to look out.}

We moved onto our property the week before hurricane Katrina.  Our house was not finished yet, the landscaping not even started.  There was still red clay everywhere from the fill we used to build on.  With the fast approaching storm and the rush associated with it, we had no idea what lay ahead of us. We boarded up the house and picked up anything that may have become flying objects when the wind would begin.  Soon we had 19 people hunkered down in our home, and we were in the direct path of one of the worst storms to ever hit this area.  One tree after another began to fall.  When we emerged from the safety of our house after the winds died down enough, it was a sea of green.  The oaks leaves that had just been towering above our heads were now eye-level.  We had so many trees down that the Corps of Engineers assessed our property and approved to bring in equipment to help remove the downed trees and help fill holes created from the large tree stumps.