Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Cozy Welcome

 When our home was first built, we had in the back of our minds that we would sell it in the future.  We did not know our kids would both fly the coop quicker than we had anticipated, and after they left, we wondered if perhaps it was time to move on.  Long story short, the market was terrible, and after several offers collapsing at the last minute, Poppy and Mamie have decided to stay put for awhile and enjoy our house for ourselves; not worrying about putting nail holes in the walls or painting the colors we desire, not what is the color du jour.  

  Our entry was one of the areas we tried to keep pretty neutral.  It was okay, but Mamie wanted warmth.  She loves things that are old and well-loved, because they make her feel cozy and safe.  Unlike many people, she can set up a vignette and live with it for a long time.  Mamie has often told Poppy about her great-grandparents house in Missouri that fascinated her as a child with its cuckoo clock that had two little children that would come out and spin around when the hour struck, and the antique sofa with its twisted legs, and the cookie jar full of cookies.  Poppy has similar memories, too. 

  Here is our entry as it was for several years after moving in...

 One day Mamie was browsing Ebay, and found some wallpaper that grabbed her attention.  We decided that it would look great in the entry.  So Poppy hung it for her, and  it really does feel like a warm hug when you come in.

 So far we have kept the basic pieces here, and we have tweaked them for the seasons.  In the cloche, there are one of Mamie's favorite things to collect-antique baby shoes.  For winter, a pair of vintage black shoes warmed it up, but for spring and summer, she switched them out for sweet little white ones, adding a vintage locket and some dried roses from a long ago bouquet.  Then the potpourri in the urn was changed to a lighter mix, and a nest of moss from our trees and a few robin's eggs (faux) were put in the middle, along with an antique print.  The teacup seems to have been made for the vignette.

The oval photo in the middle is Poppy and his little girl...she has just given him that name with a grandson :)
The photo of the baby in front is Mamie's grandmother; it was her parent's house that had the clock~

 Who knows how long it will stay this way?  But for now, Mamie and Poppy and their guests are enjoying this welcome change- we hope you have also...


  1. Yes, I enjoyed it very much. The wallpaper is gorgeous and your vignettes are so sweet. I especially like what you put under the cloche. That little baby shoe is precious.

  2. Thank you! I'm afraid we actually are lagging in the spring decorating department. We are learning to chill and just go at our own pace...if that means we are a season behind (or skip one) that is ok! But the yard is always right on time, with or without us, lol!

  3. Beautiful!! This is just my style!! I am following you now....


  4. very pretty...visiting from over at Brenda's welcome wagon :)

  5. Love everything in those photos! Like your style!

  6. Thanks for visiting. The style you see is us. We love to look at others decorating but what you see is the expressions of Sweet Pickles Farm. We hope you visit often...