Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From the Warmth of the South to the ICE BOX

Where have we been? Right after the first of the year, we volunteered our time to help on the beginning stages of a major project in Warwick, New York.

As we planned for this trip, we had to make arrangements for Pickles and Stella to find someone to watch them for close to two months. Now, that was not easy for us because our pets our also our family. Our son took Pickles so she could hang out with her cousins Marzipan and Desmond. We were so relieved knowing she would be safe and would have plenty of play time.

  "Just a little nibble Please"
Our sweet daughter-in-law sent us this picture of her staring down a brownie.
 Stella went to stay with a lovely family with three kids. She scored because they love animals and have a little boy dog named Sammy who was happy to have a friend around to play with.

Doesn't she look relaxed? 

We sure have missed them, though!
  As for the rest of the critters around the homestead, our wonderful friends and neighbors are keeping an eye on things. That is such a great help, and has allowed us to focus on our work and not worry too much.

When we left our home in the Deep South, the temps were in the teens,  which is unusual.  But it did prime us a bit for what was ahead...as we drove to the Northeast, the temps continued to drop, and reaching our destination, we found it very cold for these southern folk! Oh my, it is cold up here! Who knew that we were going to experience snow and cold unusual even for New York?  Mamie was hoping to see lots of snow, and she surely got her wish! 

Because of coming from an area that seldom sees this white stuff, we loved it. Mamie kept saying, "MORE!!! MORE!!" And we got it!

While we were up here, we got to see and enjoy a pizza oven in action...loved it!  Mamie kept saying, "We can put one of these in the back yard!"

But in just a few days, again another blast of the white stuff.

Another morning scraping, shoveling and trying to find your car.

The shot above is a glimpse of the area Mamie and Poppy have been working on. This is the side wall of what is referred to as the connector.

But as you can see, everything looks lovely when it has a blanket of snow covering it.

Where we are staying, wild Canadian Geese hang out on the lawn.  It is hard to believe that even though the temperature was getting down to single digits almost every night, and hardly ever got above freezing the whole time we were here, the Geese loved it.

It looks like he is saying, "It's so wonderful to be alive!"

So handsome!  Makes us miss our chickens :-)

Early this morning on the way to the donut shop, Poppy took a couple of shots of the snow. 

This snow behind Poppy's truck was from the small parking lot in front of the donut shop. Crazy to see snow piled this high. Of course, this is the opinion of two people from the South who get chills when the temps drop in the 40's!

When we get settled again, we will catch up with a few things that happened before we left, and get back in the kitchen!

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