Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trying to get the chores done early...

Early Spring Garden gate entrance redo...

Do to the unseasonably warm weather (which we love), we decided to get a jump on the garden walkways and such. One of the problems we have had is that when we get our showers that usually begin in the spring, the water rushes down the slope that heads right to the garden and has washed a lot of sediment through the area. The main target was right through the gate. Our property is quite hilly for the deep south, and when it rains you have to try to control how the water will flow when we get the torrential down-pours. We have never had problems with flooding where we are located, yet when it rains it pours!!!

So here is our gate area. We use to open the gate out or in. Now we can only open inwards. Plus because of the silt, the weeds are starting to move in.

We purchased railroad ties for 10 bucks each, and buried them in the ground, then removed the excess soil.

Now the front door. Yes I said the "front door". I never finish one thing all the way. But the weather was so nice I decided to take advantage of the warm sunshine. Our door has suffered a bit from humidity and doggy toenail graffiti. Notice our fancy saw-horses? I lightly sanded the door and added a fresh coat of sealer. Then placed it in the power dryer to speed up the process.

Then back to the garden! Of course a little Frisbee time with Pickles first.

Next we added our weed barrier (free cardboard), and topped it with some crushed limestone. We love the way it turned out. This should help divert any rushing water.  One project crossed off of the list.  And when the garden starts getting busy, we won't be bugged by a weed-infested garden entryway. 

Oh, I did get the front door hung back up.  Only problem is, I only got to do one side.  That's the way I roll!

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  1. A great improvement for your doors. I like the way you roll!

  2. Thanks. Because of your comment now I have to get the other side of the door done. Of course we do call our house the half-way-house. Maybe I'll work on it tomorrow.

  3. Anxiously awaiting your next post!!! It's been 3 days!!