Friday, January 11, 2013

Hope We Never Get the Point

Oh No! our new adventure. Bees!

This shall be an interesting experience. Yet we're not that worried because we have been talking about it for a couple of years and doing some research. We ordered a book online about Bee keeping and then we found a place to pick up some supplies. So this is what we have so far.

Here are some of the components of the hive.

This is the hive bottom. We choose one that had a screen because we live so far south. This allows for better ventilation. Also the one we are going to use  has a tray that you put vegetable oil in to trap any beetles or mites. From what we read it is best to prepare for that up front.

Next the Hive body (we assembled this part) was put together and the frames with the Bees wax foundations installed.

Now for the Super and frames

Then the inner cover. We got a screened one for better ventilation.

Then the top. We love it. Now we need our BEES!

The boards on top are for the front to reduce the size of the opening if needed. 

And of course our helper.

The hive body we selected is made out of cypress. So all we need to do is seal it with some type of non-toxic paint. As for the Bees we found a man who will install the hive with the queen. All we do is bring him our hive body, leave it for a time, and then go back and get it. That way the queen and colony can settle in a bit. We already realize we need one more hive body, super and the Queen excluder. But we still have time and we'll start deciding on the tools, feeder and clothes etc...

We'll keep you posted.
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