Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Is Here! And a Garden Tour!

Back home from seeing our little Grandson. He is gorgeous! :) He weighed 7 lbs. 13 ozs. While we were gone, Pickles and Stella had to go to the kennel. When they got home with us, they quickly began to enjoy the familiar comforts of home.

Pickles picked a cozy spot on the bed

And Stella gave us a look like she had been abandoned and left homeless. She does look pretty rough right now. (Time for a bath and grooming). She would follow us around the house and just stare. You know the look -"How dare you"!!!

It is a good feeling to be back in one's own home and bed.  And with one's own stove. Oh the comforts of home! Our daughter has an electric stove, so it was a trick to try to adjust.  But we made do and were able to put out some tasty meals on it.  Now that we are home, it was time to get into our own kitchen to make something to eat.  First we will get a few things from the garden. 

By the way, when we got the call our grandbaby was going to come early, we were right in the middle of painting our kitchen and repairing our dishwasher.  The kitchen was completely torn up!  So we had to leave it, and of course, it was waiting for us when we got back, tired and hungry.  But we put our aprons on and got to it, and had it put back together all spic-and-span in no time.  How nice to have a shiny clean kitchen and a dishwasher working like new!

We felt like some fresh pasta, sauteed swiss chard, and chicken with mushroom sauce.  Mamie wanted something sweet, but did not want to add yet another dish to make, so we bought an Italian Cream Cake.  It was pretty good.

Doesn't take long to mess up the kitchen when we get busy in it!

Making your own fresh pasta is so easy, everyone should try it!  So much better tasting than store bought!

Four burners in action at one time!  We have had almost all burners going at once before with something in each oven! 

Swiss Chard just picked from the garden- It has quickly become one of our favorite greens. Oh, did I say garden? Lets go take a look.

Lettuce looks great. We need to get busy eating it! This type is nice and sweet.

Some of the Swiss Chard growing nicely. While we were at our daughter and her husband's place, we wanted to make some sauteed swiss chard for them. We drove all over creation trying to find it, and most of the people did not even know what it was.  We finally found some at a Whole Foods-we gained a new appreciation for our garden and it's bounty!  Next visit, we will put some in a cooler and bring it with us.

Shallots, looking happy!

More lettuce.

Pea's.  Better get to putting up a trellis for them!

Fennel. They are so cool and cute!

Spring cabbage.  It is also time to plant our various peppers and eggplant.

Blueberries here.  Walking the yard, you can hear the bees busily buzzing. Yes, spring is finally here! :-)

Pear tree blossoms.

This was a quick trip around the place. Later, as we settle back down from the adjustments of having a new grandson and seeing our kids together in one location, we will start posting some of the happy events going on in our lives. Yes, we do have a bright future :- ) Hopefully you enjoyed this little sneak peek.

Our daughter's silly kitty, Jewel.

See ya soon!

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