Monday, April 29, 2013

Thankful for Our Daily Gifts!

Life can be so wonderful when you take the time to look at the simple things that come your way each day.  As you can tell by now, we both enjoy cooking, gardening, family, friends and the little critters all around us.  As we have been spending a bit more time recently working in the yard, we cannot help but marvel at the glorious creations we observe. We know that it all had to have come about by a great designer.  Here are a few things that the designer allowed us to enjoy today, and that we are so thankful for...

What you see here was dinner last night. 

Mamie said that her misbehaving hormoanies (you will get this if you have seen Big Fat Greek Wedding) must have been needing some protein, as she was craving a steak, and she only rarely eats it.  So steak it was.

Tonight, we put our heads together to come up with something simple but tasty to do with the leftovers.  We took the remaining steak, sliced it thin, and warmed it up. We roasted a bit of leftover red bell pepper that we tossed in a bit of olive oil, balsamic, salt, pepper, and fresh thyme and rosemary. We toasted french bread that was brushed with olive oil, crumbled some feta cheese over the bread, put a layer of meat,  then peppers, and lastly, topped it with some Parmesan. It was simple, good, and used up our leftovers.  We didn't take a picture because Poppy was hungry and was more worried about his belly (maybe next time).  And the hormoanies were calmed, too.

Stella and Pickles always have to go out with us each day to gather the eggs and this evening, Stella posed for us in front of the coop.  She really is a good dog. (When she listens!!!)

 Coop Delisle as we call it.  Look at all the green!
Spring in the south really is wonderful.

The roses are beautiful this time of year. Unfortunately, soon the summer heat will hit us with it's highly humid air and then we will have to struggle to keep them looking pretty.  As you can see here, we are getting more rain tonight.

Here are some of the pots we planted. They are young and small but we hope that soon they will spill out over the rims of their containers.  Melissa, this is for you. :)  Melissa is our niece, who will be visiting in a couple of weeks with her wonderful husband and little girl.  She called and was wondering when we were going to get the plants in their pots.   Well, here is proof that we have been working when we get a minute, and we did get some of them done.

Well, this was a quick peek into our life this day.  As you look around your setting, try to find some things in creation that awe you.  Isn't the designer amazing?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I enjoy reading your posts. I'm excited to see everyone soon. Love and miss you all. -Melissa

  2. So glad you enjoy our little journal...we look forward to your visit! Kisses!