Friday, May 31, 2013

Ice Cream & Eggs

Nothing like a warm day and a fresh serving of homemade-ice cream.  As you can tell from the lack of posts we are just busy people.  That can be a good thing when it is with family.  We had our Niece visiting with hubby and daughter. Also our daughter with our beautiful grandson was here for two weeks.

We grilled some ribs along with some grilled string beans (Oh my, they were terrific!), and on the side, some cabbage salad. And for dessert, homemade ice cream, cuddled next to a slice of fresh coconut cake. 

This was a vanilla bean ice cream recipe modified from David Lebovitz. Here is the link

The ice cream was wonderful. This was one dessert that had no leftovers.
After dinner we went to the coop to get the eggs.

Our niece's little girl is on a mission to get the eggs from the 

First she stopped to look in the pen where the separated roosters live. 

In tow is a helper... our little Pickles.

On to the coop to find the eggs...

In her excitement to get the eggs, she drops them into the egg basket breaking a few in the process. That can be expected from a new egg harvester.  Maybe next time she'll understand the need to be gentle, but today she will make a sweet memory.

Finally, as we get ready to go back to the house, she shows us what she collected.  Dropping one in the process.

You know they have a saying, "Don't place all your eggs in one basket".  Maybe this is why?  As for today we made memories, and as for the few eggs we lost,  tomorrow we will have a fresh new batch to collect.

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