Thursday, May 2, 2013

Joel's Italian Twin

Whoa!  It really has been so busy around here for may appear all leisurely and gentle and slow by our posts, but believe you us-it has been a twirl around this little piece of woods!

One thing we know is that it is good medicine for the soul to take time each day to let out the "steam" that has built up in the body from the stresses of everyday life.  Just an hour (at the least) of contemplation, meditation, and sometimes just plain old deviation from responsibilities can help recharge your batteries, allowing you to carry on with the tasks of life.

Mamie does not sleep well at night (hormoanies??) these days, and she needs a lot of "decompression" after a deep descent into the sea of life, lol.  Walks around our little farm, examining the flora and fauna, giving the pups scritches and cuddles, and cooking in the kitchen are a few of her stress relievers- (On the other hand, give her a phone and she will run screaming) also learning new techniques in the kitchen can be simultaneously relaxing and stimulating, or perhaps we should say, motivating, at the same time.

We have been watching a few clips of a delightful chef, Gennaro Contaldo.  He is from the Amalfi Coast of Italy, but has been in England for years.  Funny thing is, when Mamie watches him, he reminds her of her brother, Joel, albiet much older...but nonetheless, something about Gennaro captures Joel's enthusiasm and mannerisms.  Gennaro could be our uncle!  And what a love for food and natural ingredients!  His enthusiasm for life is so much like little brothers!  Mamie's family has French and Scottish blood, along with a few other mixes (Heinz 57?) but Joel could pass for Italian when looking at this man...just jump 20 years or so into the future.

Mamie is so proud of her little brother...he works so hard to provide for his family in this competitive world we have to contend with.  But he never gives up, and he is such a hard worker...

Hello, little brother!  Love you!  If you care to check out your Italian chef twin....

Oh, and Mamie and Poppy both could practice some major meditation if they could go to Italy-- any sponsors???

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