Saturday, May 11, 2013

Working for our keep or theirs?

Spring in the south is hallmarked by the early warmth of the sun... there is a bright green that meets the eye, and with spring rains, blooms begin to burst open.  Everything seems to be at work- the birds are busy building nests and feeding their hatchlings. Bees are busy buzzing, collecting pollen in a frenzy, until their legs resemble fuzzy yellow go-go boots, zipping off to some unknown hive location to drop said boots off at the honey maker's.  As you look around, it seems everything and everyone is hard at work. 

Well almost everyone...

We do have a few here around Sweet Pickles Farm that make the rest of us work... for them.  But how can we resist when they are so cute? (Spoiled Brats! Just don't let them know we said that...)

After working hard in the yard, it is always a relief to take a break and sit on the front porch and sip on a glass of iced tea.  
Have a seat...

The roses you see are a few from the bushes we have growing in the yard. Poppy counted and said we have some 20 bushes that are in need of trimming, clipping, composting, mulching.... (the price one pays for a flower garden). When we see the results of just a few blooms put together, it makes us smile.

When Poppy saw the tea waiting from across the yard, he knew what time it was...

He says it makes it all worth it to be able to sit back and dream about the delicious veggies that await this summer...

If you stop by, we will have a glass of tea waiting...

Wish we could just sit here sipping and grinning, but the weeds are mocking us, and the garden needs mulching...cannot rest on our spring laurels....back to it!
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  1. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest photo of your cats. Who needs a bed? Lovely, welcoming front porch. Deb (Ontario)

  2. We love our fur babies. Thanks for visiting. We went to your blog (Love it!!!)