Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Homestead as we like to call it....

Our little farm (as we affectionately like to call it) has given us a sense of comfort and peace that we as husband and wife have been able to share amidst the trials and turmoil of this world and one disaster after another. Our experiences in gardening come from trials and errors (which we can truly say, have been many). Yet we hope the things we have learned or share on this blog will  bring a glimpse of what we enjoy. And how we are trying to look at the bright side of life, glass half-full, silver linings, on the right side of the dirt, et al.  We realize that everything we do is not correct as to one of our loves-gardening, because almost everyday we learn some new way to compost or what plants work best in our area, what bug is good or bad (sometimes after we've killed it, only to find out it was the good one that paid the price of our error). This blog will be the work of two best friends, that have become one over the last 30 years. Since our wedding day until now we have always tried to keep the world around us from making us do our own separate things. We have learned that many things are designed to keep people so busy that they don't take time to smell the roses (much less learn how to even grow one).

Now on to the name of our farm. Pickles is our little Boston Terrier that has brought us so much joy. In her own little way she has helped us to look at life with a little less stress. Yes, we wish our life would be stress free, or that we are not affected by the rampant commercialism so prevalent around us, but having such "home comforts" as our sweet little "Pickles" sure help us to enjoy and be thankful for our many blessings.

So, this is just a journal for what my wife and I enjoy discovering each passing day at this time in our lives.  We feel this will be a nice way to share with our two children that live far away, and as a notebook for our little grandson as he gets older.

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