Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Beginning 2013 Yard Tour

The beginning of a new year and I'm already wanting spring. The weather is dreary and chilly. So, as I scan the blog world looking at other people gardening, cooking good food and showing their personal projects, I realize that my life too can be interesting if I looked at it from a outsider's view. Allow me to take you on a brief tour of our homestead.  Not a great time to introduce anyone to it being it is in the doldrums of winter, but it is what it is.

This is a view across the front yard. To me it all looks brown, but as I look at it again it is green (just the winter green that we get in the deep south).

Here we have the chicken coop. As this blog develops we'll let you know how this all came about.

The coop has been here about 5 years now. We love our chickens and all the work they do for us.

Behind the chicken coop in the distance you can see a black tarp. Under it is some of the compost piles we have cooking. Of course when ever we are in the yard, Stella (our farm protector) is always on the job. The last time we pulled the tarps back to turn the compost a couple of field mice ran out.

Stella can't wait. She darts under the tarp to make sure no mice are hiding.

Further she goes! What is so crazy about this, is you can't even put a blanket over her head without her freaking out. Yet when she is out doing her job she miraculously forgets.

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