Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Garden Tour with Muscles

Over cast winter garden tour. And here comes our tour guide.

The weather has been a bit dreary, yet a trip to the garden always makes us look forward to spring. So it is nice to see whats growing and hopefully what we can eat in the days to come. As you can see the cabbage is about ready to harvest. It always looks so pleasant when you see the rain drops still on the plants.

Next we see the Brussels sprouts are about the size of a large pea.

Then there is some lettuce and whats left of the swiss chard

Garlic is making a good showing

Next we take a short trip to our small green house. The parsley looks great (need to trim it back) some jumbo green onions, and our experiment with fennel.

Then we noticed something on one of the blueberry bushes!!!
Is it confused???

But at least beside it one of our rosemary bushes is trying to compete.

Its hard to see but the blooms are tiny purple flowers.
Well, lets say goodbye to the tour guide. He says he has another engagement. Just to introduce you, his name is Muscles, the outside farm cat.

"Hope you enjoyed the brief tour.  Come again."
PS. We do have a full time gardener helping. He has been busy planting acorns all-over the place. I guess that is to surprise us.
(He did surprise us already by helping himself in the garden)


  1. AWWW....makes me miss home! :( That squirrel needs a hat!

  2. Thanks for your preview. It's true "Home is where the heart is."