Friday, February 15, 2013

An unexpected surprise!!!

On the way in from work Poppy stopped at the mailbox. This is the normal routine to get all the unwanted bills, ads and catalogs. We do get excited when we get a spring seed catalog. But today we had a package.

What is this? Did we order something we forgot about? Did Mamie order something and not tell Poppy? (not that she would ever do such a thing)! But wait-it is addressed to both of us. So, off Poppy went to the house to show Mamie and see what was inside...???...

In the package was a wonderful gift. Something we can really use. If you haven't been able to discern by now, cooking is one of our loves, and of course we also love the labors from our chickens... Eggs! Here is what we found inside the package... 

Woot! A really nice cook book!  As we thumbed through the many recipes, we earmarked many we would love to try.  One of the titles made us smile because we get many green eggs.

We wanted to share this surprise with you and a great big hug and thanks to Barb who is very close to our hearts.  What a nice spot of sunshine to a rainy day- THANKS!!! from Mamie and Poppy :-)
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  1. Awwww....that was so thoughtful! Hopefully you can post us a recipe from it very soon :)

  2. Hoped it would please you both.