Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rainy Night Chops and Sweet Tater Pie

Oh, we don't think our life will be quiet and serene till the new world order...however, preparing a lovely dinner and trying new recipes can have an amazing, calming effect on one's soul.  Tonight, despite the many trials and travails we could choose to focus on, we instead get in the kitchen, and stir up some tranquility.

Off to the garden to grab a succulent head of cabbage- it is actually past time to plant some spring cabbage-this is some from our fall planting...just thankful we have it, and a few more heads to come!

We are going to use this for an old favorite-Cabbage Salad.  We could do a whole post on just this salad.  Our dear friend, whom we just happened to see this weekend, is famous for this recipe.  She is in her eighties and still keeps on trucking to you Mrs. Gill!  You can make this an entree with sauteed chicken, but we often serve it without chicken as a side dish, as we did tonight.

Oh, and if you want the recipe, you HAVE to let us know...we have seen our friends from Germany, Italy and other places lurking around....we would love to share, but it is a labor of love when you feel that people are really interested, not just a let us know who you are...ok?

Pork Chops with Onions

We are not total food snobs here.  When we try a recipe, we pretty much go straight at the recipe as we found it.  Then we either revel in it's perfectness, or tweak to our liking, and we will share the results- or else we chalk it up to practice for the chopping board and the arm muscles, and move on.  This recipe was okay in that it probably kept us alive for a couple of days, but we were happy that we didn't fall asleep during the meal.  Yeah, kinda boring.  Thank goodness we had a delicious cabbage salad (thanks Helen!) and sweet potato pie, plus our old  stand-by the artisan bread.  Tonight the bread was just simple and plain, but, like an old trustworthy friend, it delivered.

All that said, the chops were just a means to an end.  We didn't starve tonight, and for that we are truly grateful.  But the recipe will not be repeated in the Pickles Farmhouse.  However, the pie was delightful.  If you would like the "receipt" come out of hiding and say hello...

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  1. Well you know I already love the cabbage salad, but I sure would love to have the recipe for that sweet potato pie! That homemade crust came out beautifully!

  2. I want it all. Coming for dinner.