Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pain in the you know what!!!

Funny how as humans we really do perceive the "grass is greener on the other side".  I have noticed other blogs that share the building of a fabulous "coop chateau" complete with a chandelier and wallpaper, and I even saw in a magazine a girl lounging on a daybed reading a book amongst her flock of chickens in the coop.  Um, sorry, but let's get real-if you are going to get chickens, please do some research- read, and especially, ask people who are experienced in chicken-keeping before you decide to take the plunge.

Chickens are gross.  They start out cute and fluffy, cheep-cheeping into your heart.  But they soon grow up and you find out they have a pecking order-sort of the "who's who of the coop", who rules the roost?  We have a new flock of younger chickens that we recently integrated into the older girls.  This evening, Mamie went out to get the rest of the eggs, and one of the new girls was hiding in the corner, bleeding from above her tail, with a few others pecking at her.  Once a chicken pecks a spot of blood, all they see is red.  (Is that where the phrase, "Seeing Red" comes from?? If only bull-fighting, that needs to be revised to expand to chickens).  And they go at it--doesn't matter if that was their friend or roosting buddy; if they see red, they are fair game.

Fortunately, Mamie caught it before the poor girl was a goner.  So, Poppy and Mamie took her in, prepared a dog crate for her and put her by the fire, after they cleaned her wounds and put on some ointment.  She will need to stay in until her wounds have dried and we can put some blue-kote on her to disguise the red.  Then she will go back out to the real world.

It really did seem that she looked around at the new digs and said, "Alright!"  Our helpers were very intrigued- Pickles was a bit worried that perhaps this new occupant would usurp her position in the house?  Oh, no chance!  But we will let her think on it, so that she will not be too spoiled...

The dogs are puzzled as to why this new guest gets warm dinner and fresh water...and a roost to sit on...

Stella the schnauzer wants to make darn sure this new visitor knows the rules of the farmhouse....she keeps a close eye so that she can alert Mamie and Poppy if this feathered creature breaks the rules...

No, she is a lady and just minds her own sad business...

And so the circle of life- just a little pullet that has been picked on, but has allies that save her and coddle her...hoping for some delicious eggs in the near future...

So, with just a few thoughts shared, if you want to paper your chicken palace with vintage wallpaper, and hang a sparkly chandelier, even have a sumptuous divan in the coop among your flock, just be prepared to wipe up the spatters of blood and feather, but do not lose heart; it is worth it.  Just do your research and be prepared.
Oh, and we should name her Louise (Jefferson- she's movin' on up) in honor of our friends, Susan and Sandra ;-)

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  1. Poor little Louise....:( At least you were able to save her like you said. How long do you think it will take for her to heal? She will probably be like ...HEY!...when you bring her back to the coop!

  2. I do hope you find time in the future to continue to write. Have enjoyed your storys.