Thursday, February 28, 2013

Memphis Antiques

Our work took us to Memphis Tennessee. Because of the work that I do, we get a lot of windshield time. So as to make the trips easier and more enjoyable, we often try to stop at antique shops along the way when we can squeeze one or two in.  Every once in a while we find a shop that has items we like and  prices that are not too ridiculous.  This trip we stopped at a shop in Collierville Tennessee. It's a large antique mall that boasts 360 dealers. It is a mall that is worth stopping and taking a look. 

Yet like many of the shops we have stopped at this one has many of the same characteristics. Some booths are priced like you are at a museum, others have items that should have stayed at the garage sale. Then you have the booths scattered around that make you slow down and wonder, "Can I live without this vintage what-not?"  Of course you can, but when you are in that setting it does make you think twice. So, here are a few pictures taken while we were inside.

We came upon this beautiful chair that if redone would be gorgeous. That is, until we saw the price. I'm sure it may have been a good price according to someone, but for us, meh- we'll wait.

Yep-museum piece, and very uncomfortable looking!  Yikes on the price!

Oh Deer!
Now one of the strange things that I come upon are deer heads. How they end up in an antique shop puzzles me. If this was someone's trophy, why do they end up here? If I were to buy one of these, would I have to make up some "mighty hunter" story?....I just think it's strange. 

And here are some more relatives...

We did come across a couple of old Victrola players. These were really nice.

Then we saw this cabinet. It is actually a child's size. Very nice. Don't need it. Onward.

As we made our way around the mall we had some tag-alongs.

They were thrilled.

When it was all said and done, Pickles was just worn out.

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  1. I have actually been to this store before and I could have spent hours in there! Were you able to find even just a little something you couldn't leave without? I hope that the time went by without too many hiccups :)

  2. We did find a little something...I will post it soon!