Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Winner's Heart

A few weeks ago, we posted about a project that we are planning.  You can see the post here. We said that whoever guessed what it was would get a prize.  Well, Barb guessed it-a quilt cupboard!  But as sometimes happens with the best-laid plans, they get put on hold when other pressing business presents itself.  We have been so busy, and had so much rain, plus having to travel and then fighting the fatigue that comes with all of that, our cupboard keeps patiently waiting it's creation.  We hope to get to it soon, and we will be sure to share when we do. 

But, Mamie did take the time to hand-make a gift for Barb.  She designed and quilted, sewed and stitched a little heart pocket pillow for her to hang in her own cottage.  Mamie was happy to get back to making something with fabric and needle; it has been a while and it felt really good!  Now she is thinking about making more things and offering some for purchase in the near future.  Poppy would like to make some more of his hand-painted signs also, so stay tuned!

Congratulations Barb!  We hope you enjoy your gift and think of us when you look at it :-)

This pillow is hand quilted and embellished with a pocket for treasures (or a favorite photo), and rag stuffed like hand-mades of old.
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