Monday, February 4, 2013

Moments in time

Life has a way of letting you know that we are not in charge.  We have been dealing with the loss of precious friends, and so of course our projects take a back seat and are going to have to wait.  But, we still have been able to smile about the simple things in life...which in of themselves show that we are cared for each day by someone that knows all and gives for today, enjoy a few shots of everyday life that some may miss if they don't take the time to stop and savor....

Pudge the rooster wanted to say "Good Morning!"  Once he was on the porch and we opened the door, he wanted to find something to offer us...a delicious bug, slug, or a wayward weed seed perhaps?

Pickles has already finished her morning constitutional, and old Pudge is in her way of a tasty breakfast..."Make way, my feathered friend!" she says as she blurs past the cock of the walk.

"Hey, wait a minute!  What in the world is he doing on our porch?  Does he think he is going to move in?  We do not have a bed for him or a food bowl that matches ours!  Mom!  Dad!  Come look at this!"

I guess we need to sit down with our girls and tell them about how we need our eggs and Pudge makes sure that we will have protection for our feathered girls.

Nah, maybe later.  Pickles is too young to understand right now.

"Oh please!  Please tell me the facts of life!"

It is a drizzly night, and everything seems so bare.  We have spring fever very badly!

Mamie is ready to get back to her easel; she is by no means a master, but just loves to express herself.  The canvas calls out to her.  But tonight, Mamie and Poppy will reflect on the beauty of life and how some people can have such an impact on them, that when they are gone, they feel like a part of them is cut away.  Then they think about the hope for the future and all the blessings that they have, and they cannot be but grateful for the simple things in life.  They realize that they are smiling.
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  1. When things get tough, at least we have eachother and bright spots in our life....our pets, our mates, our future and our passions. Love you!

  2. Yes, Tasha, so much to be thankful for! Cherish each day and look forward like we are plowing a field for the future, (and we are!) Love you too!