Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Longing for the warmth of spring

We are somewhat spoiled where we live when it comes to cold weather. But it still gets cold enough that we prefer to stay indoors. It rains a lot, so everything can get muddy, and overcast skies make us long for the warmth and the green of a sunny spring day. Poppy grew up in the West and loved to ski and enjoyed the snow and cold as a youth. But now, after 30 years in the south, he has become a true southerner. He used to always complain how hot it gets (which it does get hot-and muggy), now the complaints are how cold it is and "I can't wait for summer". He even says it with a little southern drawl, which he is proud of, even though he would never admit it. 

The other evening, we made a "spot of tea" and sat in front of the fire. This is a great time to talk about the garden and what we would like to do this summer. We reminisce about past successes and also the flops (which we have had many) yet we still make plans to try, try again. Yes, that is what life is all about, the constant learning of this amazing planet. And we have come to learn that one day we will have the perfect garden. But until that garden appears we appreciate what we have at the moment. Even if there are a lot of flops, they will never douse our enthusiasm for the hope of a better result.

So what are we going to plant? Tomatoes---YES! But as hot as it gets in the south they can split, also the cut worms (we don't use chemicals) how are we going to keep them out?  (We have been saving toilet paper tubes to put around the bases). Beans---Yes! What kind? Blue lake pole or bush or both? Squash---Yes! Zucchini, Yellow, Butternut (our favorite and a great success last year), Acorn...maybe? Corn---Yes! Can we find seeds that are gmo free?.......Oh, and definitely eggplant and all kinds of peppers, and one of Mamie's favorites-Pink Eye Purple Hull peas, and okra.  We will NOT be planting Brussels Sprouts again as Mamie thinks they taste like the way a baby's diaper smells!

Right now we have a bumper crop of different lettuces, the swiss chard took off like a rocket, our beets and the spring peas are about three inches tall.  Exciting!

As you can see we have plenty to talk about. But we always end up talking about our hope, the perfect garden.

And as we talk, Pickles and Stella snooze to the mumbling of our voices and enjoy the warmth of the fire. 

But as we talk what do they think about? Maybe lying in the sun on the cool green grass. Or chasing the cat to the other side of the yard.  More than likely Stella dreams of catching that squirrel that fusses and teases her with its spinning tail.  Perhaps Pickles dreams of playing with her favorite toy in the universe- a Frisbee.  But we will never know for sure.  

So we sip our tea and wonder .

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