Monday, March 4, 2013

This Is A Funny Farm

So we talked about how we moved to the country (hard to believe it has been eight years now) and our kids up and decided to get on with their lives.  (We know-how dare they??)  Now Mamie and Poppy are in this house made for more than two, and yet we have learned to enjoy the land and our new fur-babies that love it as much as we do.  But we still laugh about the irony of life.  One of the movies we loved when we first saw it was the simple story with Chevy Chase and Madolyn Smith called, Funny Farm.  We appreciated the humor in it when we saw it as a young couple with children, and even more so now as empty-nesters on our own acreage with chickens and a garden to boot.  We find it so "funny" to compare notes...we thought we should sell out the farm because our kids had flown the coop and get something easy in the suburbs...but the market tanked...but we really do have the need to cue them..

Our deer...

Their Deer...

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